Hi, my name is Danny Alexander and I’m a Toronto-based videographer specializing in weddings, event promotion, live performance, music videos, documentaries and more. I ensure to work close with my clients to provide a professional video solution for any occasion.

A good video should be able to clearly convey your message through creative story-telling, eye-popping visuals, and clean, crisp audio, and I’m dedicated to meeting this criteria with every new video I create.

A little about my story…

I first gained experience shooting short films in my teens, but it wasn’t until enrolling in post-secondary Fine Arts that I began to hone my skills, tinkering with traditional animation, stop motion, and documentary film techniques.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with a colorful and diverse clientele throughout the years, including a professional Stratford-based theater company, a group of critically-acclaimed touring musicians, a documentary-shooting police officer, and many more.

I continue to look for new challenges to help me grow as a video artist and am always open for working on exciting new projects!