I’m a Toronto-based videographer with a cohesive and diverse portfolio, extending to short films, live event & interview coverage, music & lifestyle videos, and more. My multi-disciplinary approach to the medium has allowed me to produce high-quality work that captivates with engaging narratives, awe-inspiring visuals, and clean audio.

My experience in post-secondary Fine Arts school has equipped me with proficient technical skills that build on animation, stop motion, and documentary film, bringing something extraordinarily unique to my practice. My portfolio features a colorful and diverse clientele, including critically acclaimed touring musicians, theater companies, and major Toronto-based cultural institutions.

In 2021, my first full-length documentary ‘No Tickets At The Door’ premiered at Hot Doc’s At Home to rave reviews.
The film is an in-depth look into Toronto’s diverse underground music scene and the myriad of challenges that musicians, promoters, and venues are facing during COVID-19.

I strive to tackle new challenges as a video artist and I am always open to new and exciting projects and collaborations.